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Trapped in the prison of her own mind, a teen girl (“Essie”) tries to regain her sanity by recounting a series of dark fairy tales.

Essie is trapped in her own mind.  After being held hostage for most of her childhood years, she has returned a broken shell of her former self.  Now housed in a dystopic insane asylum, the teen girl recounts stories of her past and present, visually imagined as a series of macabre fairy tales.  The series uses Essie’s stories as the central storyline, as her mind weaves beautiful but disturbing images that interplay with the spoken narrative.  

Episode 1: Burnt Offerings

As two teen girls play at human sacrifice, they are unprepared for the darkness they awaken in the woods.

Episode 2: Promethea Unbound

A hunter’s dark phantasms turn to obsession when he discovers a river nymph in the water.

Episode 3: The Goddess of Mercy

A beautiful young woman uses opium dreams to escape the ghosts of her lost children.

Episode 4: The Pied Piper

A killer follows his teen victim into the woods, only to meet something far deadlier than his psyche.

Episode 5: Clockwork Garden

A young woman must hide her strange secret from the man she loves.

Episode 6: Danse Macabre

Dark visions plague the mind of a teen girl imprisoned in a dystopic insane asylum.